Performance Contract Team evaluates Colleges and Departments in Central Administration
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Wed, 2016-04-13 14:54 - Mon, 2018-04-30 14:54

The six colleges that comprise the University of Nairobi and Central Departments are undergoing a mid-term evaluation of their performances in the financial year 2015/2016.

A team from the performance contract secretariat begun the mid-term evaluation of the Colleges and Central Departments to access how far, they have performed in achieving the yearly targets.

The two weeks long evaluation exercise begun at the College of Architecture and Engineering (CAE). The College Principal, Prof. Peter Ngau, assured the team that they are making good progress and they are on target to achieving their performance targets for the financial year 2015/2016.

Mr. Leonard Musyoka, the leader of the Performance Contract team noted that the team was working on delegated authority from the Vice-Chancellor. He urged the college team to put in more effort in order to achieve and surpass their yearly targets.

Among the indicators that were being evaluated by the PC team include; Financial and stewardship. The college was required to show evidence of their appropriation in aid among other financial indicators. The college as well was required to show evidence of service delivery to students, staff, suppliers and members of the public. Measures that have been put in place to eradicated corruption were also looked into.

The team was keen to see that 30% worth of tenders have been allocated to women, youth and persons with disabilities. The University is aiming at producing holistic graduates and in this regard, mentorship of students is key and evidence of the same was a must at the evaluation exercise.

The evaluation exercise have been carried out in other colleges; College of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences, College of Biological and Physical Sciences, College of Education and External Studies, College of Health Sciences and lastly, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

In the financial year 2014/2015, the University of Nairobi was the only public entity ranked 'Excellent' by the Ministry of Devolution and Planning, the Department of Performance Contracting. 

Also present during the evaluation was Mr. Peter Muturi, the Public Relations Manager.