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Tue, 2016-05-03 11:03

Members of staff from the department of audit from all colleges are undergoing an intensive two day sensitization seminar at the central catering unit.

The Vice Chancellor, who spoke at the opening of the two day workshop asked the members to continue being loyal to the university. He also urged them to put into practical use what they will learn from the seminar. This way, they can be in a position to write better audit reports that will help in better management and also elimination of risks and financial fraud.

Mr. Patrick Agutu, the Chief Internal Auditor asked the auditors to be professional at all times and it is their mandate, as the auditors to hold the leadership of the university accountable.

The lead trainer for the workshop Mr. Jones Kimeu from the Institute of Internal Auditors started by teaching the auditors on the many things that lead to fraud among them being, rationalization, incentive or pressure among others. Mr. Kimeu also taught the auditors on the quality of reporting. He advised the auditors to always summarize their reports so that key issues are picked immediately, timely reports, writing the report in a language that is understood by all among other things. Mr. kimeu also took members through the different sections in an audit report which are: executive summary, key notes about the report, introduction, detailed report, and audit.

Head of ICT security Mr. Nduati Joram also spoke to the auditors and he urged them to keep all records and indeed any information of the university confidential. He also asked them to be cautious and to be alert always so that no information is interfered with.

The sensitization workshop will run for two days with various activities organized throughout the two days.


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