Strategic Plan

Internal Audit Department Strategic plan 2013-201810Enhanced management and leadership skills No. of relevant trainings per year-1per year2016-2018CIAWAY FORWARD In the foregoing pages, theInternal Audit Department has outlined the direction it wishes to take, in order to ensure that the resources of the University, financial or otherwise are effectively safeguarded during the plan period.The Department has structured this Strategic Plan,defining where and how it wishes to go. It has done this in the backdrop of its Strengths, Weaknesses,Opportunities and /threats and in the process also addressed its challenges. The Department has addressed these Challenges and outlined specific measures to surmount them.It is notable that the University is operating in an environment where funding from the government has remained static while on the other hand its operations and programs have continued to expand year after year.Faced with this scenario therefore, the Department will be required to ensure that there is strict discipline in the utilization of resources. It should therefore assist the management to put in place strong Systems of Internal Control to safeguard its Resources.For the plan to be operationalised, it must be tied to the budgetary process so that it is linked to the stringent financial controls, which have been put in place. A mechanism for continuous review must also be devised for it to remain relevant and accommodate recommendations for the developments of better Internal Controls as situations demand.The Way Forward forthe Department as recommended by this plan shall be to embrace the need for flexibility on its part, and co-operate with other relevant departments in observing the Policies, Rules, Regulations and Procedures established by the Management to ensure that resources are safeguarded and put to the most optimal use

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