Governance forms the foundation theme for the university. Good governance will lead to improved operational efficiency, excellence, higher stakeholder satisfaction and achievement of university mandates. 

The Internal Audit Department Organizational Chart

Internal Auditing is an advisory function having independent status within the University. It is the responsibility of the management to ensure that proper records are kept. 

In this regards:

  1. The Internal Audit department will be functionally responsible to the Audit and Risk Management Committee and administratively responsible to the Vice Chancellor.
  2. The Internal Auditors shall have no executive or managerial powers, functions or duties except relating to Internal Audit.
  3. The Internal Audit department in order to execute its functions effectively shall be independent from other departments and personnel of the University.
  4. The Internal Audit department shall exercise its assignment as per audit plan or as requested by the management.
  5. The Internal Audit department shall communicate all matters of concern to the University management.
  6. The Internal Audit department shall be in attendance in management meetings.
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