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From: 14th May 2013
To: 30th December 2013




       i.            Verifying that all revenues due are collected and accounted for

     ii.            Ascertaining that there is a robust system that continuously and completely captures and accounts for fixed assets

  iii.            Regarding expenditures, ascertaining that the necessary approval limits have been followed; that the budgetary provisions are adequate, that the rules of economy are observed; that procurement rules and regulations are complied with. Etc

   iv.            Ensuring that facilities are put to optimal use

      v.            Issuance and control of accountable documents such as Receipt Books, Local Purchase Orders (L.P.O.’s) and Stores Requisition Notes.

    vi.            Reviewing and appraising the soundness, adequacy and application of accounting, financial and other operating controls and recommending effective control measures;

  vii.            Appraising the quality of performance in carrying out assigned responsibilities by reviewing the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of operations and the functioning of non-financial controls;

viii.            Undertaking special investigations on behalf of the University.

    ix.            Auditing of payment vouchers and procurement documents;

      x.            Providing professional service to the entire University and significantly complementing specific control procedures instituted by management. 


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