UoN creates a Disability Mainstreaming Strategic Plan

Disability Mainstreaming

The disability mainstreaming committee spearheaded a retreat as part of its implementation efforts following the recently established Disability Policy at UoN.
The retreat's goal was to create a strategic plan and visualize the steps toward establishing a Disability Support Centre.

The 2-day retreat was held on October 20-21,2022 at the Kenya Institute of Special Education and resulted in the development of a strategic plan for Disability Mainstreaming at UoN for the years 2023-2028.

Mr. Harun Hassan, Executive Director of the National Council for Persons Living with Disability (NCPWD), was the keynote speaker, and he challenged the narrative around PWDs.

He emphasized his council's efforts and accomplishments, such as a digital card that would be issued in three weeks and a scholarship fund that will be provided to PWD students rather than bursaries.

Prof. Collins Odote, Chair of the Disability Mainstreaming Committee, guided participants through the recently implemented policy. Its deliverables, expectations, and objectives.

The participants brainstormed and developed the purpose and vision of Disability mainstreaming, as well as the contextual and stakeholder analyses.

"I am grateful to each and every one of you who came to our retreat.
To consider, participate, and strategize about the future of the University.
As you return to the UoN Community, I am certain that you will be advocates for disability mainstreaming.
And I know you will own this strategic plan as a stakeholder," Prof. Odote said at the close of the two-day workshop.

The Dean of Students' Office informed attendees about the several professional clubs and associations available to PWD students, including UNSA, UNSWIDA, and other thematic clubs, and urged PWD students to engage.

At UoN, the Corporate Affairs division provided training on branding and strategic communication of disability mainstreaming, among other things.