Team A yesterday (15.12.2021) at 8a.m. to 8.45a.m. held an opening meeting with members of staff from the units to be audited during quarter 2. This was done through a virtual meeting. 

The units to be covered during this quarter are:

  • Examination section-Central Finance
  • Trade and other receivables
  • Review of quarterly Financial Statements-Q1
  1. We went through the three audit notifications, the objective of the audits, scope and the documents required from our auditees to enable the start of the audit process.
  2. It was agreed in the meeting that the in charge of the units to be audited to email the initial documents which are in soft to start off the work of the auditors.
  3. The Auditees were supportive and gave us assurance that they will provide all the necessary documentation and assistance to the auditors

The members present during the meeting were:-

Mr. Micheal Menza - DFO financial reporting & budgetary

Mr. Micheal Adala - Senior Accountant financial reporting

Mr. Charles Okello - Senior Accountant Income section

Mr. Renson Mwangola - Senior Accountant Examination Section

Ms. Fransisca Wanja - Examiner Examination Section

Ms. Tecla Makau - Team Leader Internal Audit

Ms. Mary Wanjiru - Audit team member

Ms. Racheal Nduta - Audit team member

Ms. Esther Wambua - Audit team member