The University holds it's annual prayer day.

The University holds it's annual prayer day.

The University of Nairobi kick started the year on a prayerful note by holding its annual prayer day on January 15, 2021. The event, albeit virtual, invited staff and students from all faiths.

“The University is celebrating 50 years of existence and these are prayers of thanksgiving even as we dedicate the year 2021 in God’s hands,” remarked Father Kaigua as he was moderating the prayer session.

Rev. Hosea Mitei urged the UoN community to prioritize, acknowledge and involve God in all their achievements, endeavors and in days to come. He admonished us to stop the self-absorption that has consumed the society as he expounded on the reading of Luke 12:13-21 on the parable of the rich fool.

On his part, Sheikh Mohammed Swaleh invited us on an introspective journey of gratitude. “We are blessed to be alive this day, so many people have died during this pandemic, but we are alive.’ He urged us to forge ahead with confidence and not with fear. He noted that every strata of life has been affected by the pandemic but the vast majority of Kenyans are still healthy. It is a blessing for those of us that are alive and well to be grateful, to praise Him and to adhere to His commands.

The Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs Prof. Julius Ogeng’o noted that the University community believes that prayer works and we are here to serve for the glory of God.

While concluding the prayer session the Vice Chancellor Prof. Stephen Kiama expressed his gratitude to God and quoted a line from a song, ‘Kama sio wewe ningekuwa wapi mimi?’ (If it were not for you God, where would I be?) He said this while referring to the Old Testament’s culture of freeing slaves after every 50 years. As the University is celebrating 50 years, we have been freed, freed to be restored, restoration of our principles and values. 

The students’ SDA, catholic and the Christian union choir sang songs of praise and worship. The event was crowned with staff and students from different faiths leading the community in intercession prayers.

2021 is dedicated to God.